#GinADayMay 2019 Recap

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Wow, what a month that was! I really hoped #GinADayMay would be a bit of a fun but I had no idea how many of you would embrace my little idea so wholeheartedly and I’m absolutely chuffed to bits you did!

From the very beginning #GinADayMay appeared to capture a lot of interest, from the people who said they’d never taken part in any social media challenge before (nope, me neither!) to those who had never taken part in this one before (we were certainly all in the same boat in that respect!). But what has been really heartening is to hear how much everyone has enjoyed #GinADayMay; people who thought they might just dip in and out found themselves posting everyday, while many who didn’t said they definitely will next time. Others commented on how they found both new followers and new accounts to follow and engage with. And so many of you said how much fun you had and asked when we’re doing it all again!

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I’ve learnt a lot too. Partly that hosting a social media challenge is fairly hard work but also hugely enjoyable. I’ve also found out how few of you like posting selfies and being asked to pick a favourite gin (or indeed cocktail, drinking partner or almost anything)! And, I hope you’ll be pleased to hear, I have decided to do it all again next year!

You can catch up with all my posts here, and if you have any suggestions for prompts for #GinADayMay 2020, or any other feedback, please do comment below or drop me a line. See you same time, same place next year!

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